By Bill Seremetis, 22 April, 2011

The graph that follows proves what we've been saing for years: Drupal isn't difficult to master, it is just the first few months that might scare you.

As you can see, contrary to other CMS, with Drupal your skills will be heightened at no time! Furthermore the rest of your drupal life will be a flatline, meaning that once you've mastered you'll be fine.


By Bill Seremetis, 3 February, 2011

Έτυχε πριν λίγο να δω την ιστοσελίδα μιας εταιρίας που φτιάχνει ιστοσελίδες, δηλαδή την ίδια δουλειά με εμένα. Δεν έκατσα να διαβάσω όλα τους τα κείμενα ούτε να δω αν δίνουν κάτι παραπάνω στο hosting από αυτό που συνηθίζεται στην αγορά. Ξέρω ότι πάνω κάτω όλοι τις ίδιες παροχές κάνουμε. Είδα όμως τον τιμοκατάλογό τους και πρόσεξα ότι (όπως πολλοί άλλοι) χρεώνουν τον πελάτη με την σελίδα!

By Bill Seremetis, 19 January, 2011

A few months ago Dimkas designed my new logo, the superhero guy you see on my page. A logo that definately makes people think of power and comics.

Suddenly HTML 5 publishes its logo today. A logo that makes people think... the same things!

By Bill Seremetis, 5 January, 2011

Το Drupal 7 είναι πλέον γεγονός, είναι στο επίσημο site εδώ και μερικά λεπτά!

Λίγο πριν το release μετέφρασα και το release announcement στα Ελληνικά καθώς και το press release και το transcript για το βίντεο της παρουσίασης, είχα και βοήθεια βέβαια από φίλους έτσι ώστε η μετάφραση να είναι ευανάγνωστη και σωστή.
Παράλληλα το βράδυ η μεταφραστική ομαδά ολοκλήρωσε την ελληνική μετάφραση του Drupal 7.

By Bill Seremetis, 5 December, 2010

In one of my clients I needed the functionality provided by forward module, an excellent module I must say. Everythink worked just right apart from one thing: the mail-icon used by the module is hardcoded! I could easily change it with a custom image just by overwriting the specified file in the file-system, but this is not a good idea because updating the module would make me loose the changes.

By Bill Seremetis, 30 November, 2010

Στις 11 και 12 του Δεκέμβρη διοργανώνεται το 3ο DrupalCamp στην Αθήνα, το πρώτο στο οποίο θα παραστώ από ότι δείχνουν τα πράγματα!

By Bill Seremetis, 30 June, 2010

Since I entered the market I have done about 10 websites, this means that some clients trusted me and that some didn't (in this troubled times in Greece people don't easily spend their money on the web).

By Bill Seremetis, 29 June, 2010

I finally decided to re-design my site, an idea I had for a long time. A few weeks ago a friend of mine created the wonderful logo you see on the top-left and this was the trigger for me to start working.

I am a huge fun of progress, and I love trying new things and new methods for doing my job. So I decided to give a try to CSS3. My site is the first (and only) site that I have ever done that utilizes CSS3. So, what's the big deal with CSS3? It allows you to do things that you couldn't accomplish with spending much time on (eg) Photoshop.