Drupalcon Prague

By Bill Seremetis, 22 September, 2013

Drupalcon is tomorrow in Prague, and I'm in the city for the last four days. I am really excited, as this will be my first Drupalcon (but not the last).

I'm a sprinter at DrupalCon PragueFor the moment I'm at the Hub Praha, along with many other drupalists, for the second sprint day. Everybody here is working hard to make Drupal 8 awesome!

We are all divided among task teams and working with core. Ain't that amazing?

There is a multilingual sprint, lead by Gábor Hojtsy (that's the one I'm in). A mobile sprint, a configuration sprint, FAPI sprint, testbot sprint, accesibility, UX, twig... You name it! YesCT is leading the team, along with others that I haven't yet met.

If you are coming to Prague then make sure you attend at least one sprint, they are a great chance to meet the people working with Drupal in person. I'll be here, just tweet me @bserem!