The importance of Hyrens

By Bill Seremetis, 28 November, 2009

Hyrens boot cd exists many years now, and I know of its existance but I've never used it, until now!

Lately my OS has been acting strangely. I tried to save a friends disk and in the process my system started behaving sluggisly. Yesterday I had all the time I needed for a nice re-installation which would give me a nice working pc, right? WRONG!

I decided to move the OS from a single 80b sata disc into a 3x80 RAID 5 set. I had the spare drives and my mobo supports it.
It turns out that one of the 3 discs had 2 errors in it. Believe me, you don't want to see a raid-array rebuilding itseld every 10 minutes.
I broke the array and tried to locate the problem. I booted with Hyrens and started running some disc tests. Inside Hyrens I found many many MANY tools. I won't even try half of them.

But I did find SeaTools for my Seagate discs. Running Seatools without killing yourself around floppy discs! That's worth blogging :)
At the moment I'me zero-filling the bad disc, hopefully this will solve my problems. If not I'll make a stripe-array and forget the raid5 :)