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How to not do a Drupal site: A list of wrost practices taken from a production site

Posted by Bill Seremetis on 2021, June 18 - 12:42

One of the biggest telecommunication companies in Greece just launched their new website, using Drupal 8. The site is a collection for what to do wrong in Drupal site, and I'll mention just a few of the findings here, for educational purposes, or maybe to get some attention to the awesome Greek Drupal Community.

Installing Debian on a Huawei Matebook D14 (RTL8822CE WiFi Card)

Posted by Bill Seremetis on 2020, March 4 - 10:18

Huawei Matebook D14/D15 are decent laptops that cover all simple daily computing needs and even more than that. They look quite decent to handle daily workload of a web developer too, but I haven't tested them to that extend.

If you happen to have one of those, or other similar from other manufacturers (like Honor Magicbook) that have an AMD Ryzen 3500U CPU and Realtek RTL8822CE network card you'll be surprised to find out that Debian and several other Linux distros don't install/run as expected.

Automatically add composer 'vendor/bin' to your $PATH upon entering a project's directory.

Posted by Bill Seremetis on 2019, November 4 - 16:28

By using direnv you can set environmental variables depending on the current directory. This allows us to alter several variables, like the default Drush URI, by adding the following in our .envrc file:


With this, whenever you type drush uli a proper login link will be constructed.

But why stop here? We can use the same trick to make all composer binaries executable without having to type ./vendor/bin/ every time. Just add this to your .envrc file:

Public DNS servers. It is not Just Google!

Posted by Bill Seremetis on 2018, April 1 - 18:35

UPDATE 2018: Cloudflare announced public DNS Service.

I haven't been using the DNS that my ISP provides for five years now and many problems have gone away. Especially problems regarding updating speed. I've been using OpenDNS for my systems, and Google DNS for most of the setups I do for other people. Both because they are stable and easy to remember.

Lately I decided to find out what other option are out there. I'm happy to provide a complete list of IPv4 and IPv6 of publicly available DNS.


Mass import redirects into Drupal 8

Posted by Bill Seremetis on 2018, March 8 - 16:10

Currently there is no tool to mass import redirects from a CSV file to Drupal 8. The module path_redirect_import tries to solve this, but I had limited success (2%) when using it with D8. So, me and my colleagues created this bash script to solve the problem. The CSV file must be format like this:

source (without leading slash),target (with leading slash)

Here's the script: